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22 de Octubre de 2020, 13:40

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10/19/2020 - IMF economic outlook and lessons learned to fight Coronavirus

10/13/2020 - How can Spain take full advantage of the recovery plan?

10/05/2020 - Green Deal: "We need the economy back to work, but we also need to reconsider what to do with it"

09/28/2020 - How to make the most out of EU corona funds?

09/21/2020 - The challenges of the Spanish economy fighting Covid-19

09/14/2020 - With political will a Brexit trade deal can be solved in 10 minutes

09/7/2020 - The EU will issue up to €750bn of debt for the #NextGenerationEU recovery fund

07/30/2020 - Are EU’s actual spending needs being ignored?

07/24/2020 - Whether the recovery fund will serve as a decisive tool to kickstart the economic recovery will depend on a number of conditions

07/17/2020 - Even the frugal four have come to terms with the fact that the eventual recovery fund will look very similar to what is on the table right now

07/10/2020 - Eurogroup’s vote showcases the hurdles that Europe is facing to find a path out of one of its worst ever crisis

07/03/2020 - If Germany and France put a lot of determination behind something they do have the means to politically force it through

06/26/2020 - Rocky road ahead for a COVID-19 recovery fund

06/19/2020 - Germany has been the anchor of the frugals... With the anchor gone, there is no position of principle anymore

06/12/2020 - Taxpayers cannot be subsidising jobs that do not make sense in the medium and long-term

06/05/20 - Trust and reforms are the way forward for a recovery deal

05/29/2020 - Next Generation EU: too good to be true?

05/22/2020 - The Franco-German alliance to the rescue?

05/18/2020 - COVID-19 is more an opportunity than a threat for climate policies

05/08/2020 - The decision of Germany’s constitutional court is potentially far more dangerous than a failure to build a consistent recovery fund

05/05/2020 - No debt is sustainable without economic growth04/30/2020 - No debt is sustainable without economic growth

04/23/2020 - European leaders face a moment of truth

04/17/2020 - Inside the Italian economic COVID-19 dilemmas

04/10/2020 - Europe’s safety nets to fight COVID-19 economic crisis are finally here

04/03/2020 - For already heavily indebted countries, the sustainability of public finances could be compromised and financial instability accentuated

03/27/2020 - Coronabonds badly needed but not here yet

03/20/2020 - From Coronabonds to helicopter money, what’s the best strategy to beat this crisis?

03/13/2020 - European governments stand alone to deal with the coronavirus tsunami

03/04/2020 - Brussel’s assessment on the state of the Spanish economy. The coronavirus and its economic impact

02/25/2020 - EU Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027): ´Friends of Cohesion´ and ‘Frugal Four’

02/19/2020 - Corononavirus impact on Europe economy. Investing in the green transition

02/13/2020 - Global digital tax: If the OECD negotiations fail "a European solution should be tabled anyway by the end of 2020"

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