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Putin Ordered to Destroy Ukraine's Critical Infrastructure on 9/11 Anniversary

Ihor Petrenko

5 mins - 16 de Septiembre de 2022, 07:15

Against the backdrop of the complete defeat and flight of the Russian army from the Kharkiv region, Putin gave the order to carry out terrorist attacks on the facilities of the electric power complex of Ukraine. Russian news portals directly report that Russia is "changing tactics in the NMD and will totally destroy the entire civilian infrastructure of Ukraine, especially with the onset of cold weather." Putin wants to demoralize Ukrainians and make their living conditions intolerable. He needs this for a truce and negotiations on the terms of the Kremlin.

Sunday evening Russia shelled Ukraine's critical infrastructure. Eleven cruise missiles were fired, seven of which were shot down by the country's air defense units. Ironically, the attack was launched on the tragic anniversary of 9/11, when terrorists targeted the World Trading Center's twin towers in New York. As a result of the strike, a number of Ukrainian regions fell into a blackout, while some cities in Kharkiv, Sumy, Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk, and Zaporizhia regions were cut off both of power and water supplies.

The Russians committed their crime between 19:00 and 20:35, by simultaneously launching a swarm of missiles to disorient Ukrainian air defenses. The Kremlin butcher this time chose to strike at critical essentials, thus targeting peaceful Ukrainians.

Restoration works kicked off in the immediate aftermath of the strikes, but some of the damage inflicted was too significant to be addressed on spot. The authorities have called on civilians to refrain from panic, remain calm and offer assistance to others.

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One of the strikes hit CHPP-5 just outside Kharkiv, the largest such facility in Ukraine. As a result, a number of cities in the Kharkiv region and beyond were de-energized. Hospitals, intensive care units, and maternity clinics were all affected. In a fit of impotent fury against the backdrop of an effective counter-offensive being run by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which liberated a number of settlements in Kharkiv region, Putin ordered his military to wipe out Ukraine's critical infrastructure, confirming the reputation of the greatest war criminal of the 21st century, while Russia once again confirmed its status of a terrorist state.

The strikes were launched shortly after Putin spoke over the phone with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, thus embarrassing the French leader yet again and making it crystal clear that he is on to waging war applying a terrorist toolkit, regardless of international opinions, including that of Macron.

Unable to defeat the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield, Russia resorts to killing civilians. Across pro-Kremlin Telegram channels, their admins yesterday ubiquitously voiced threats that the latest strikes were "just the beginning," and that the onset of colder weather, Russia will be massively attacking heating mains and boiler houses. Thus, the aggressor rejects all humanitarian conventions, declaring it retains its goal of annihilating Ukrainians as a nation. Russia works toward committing an act of genocide targeting Ukrainians, applying a variety of methods.

Ukraine's power grid operator Ukrenergo scrambled to fix the issues with electricity supplies, restoring them in a number of settlements across Kharkiv and Poltava regions, but most of the affected areas remain in a blackout.

The bottom point is that the Russian army is a bunch of murderers and rapists, while Putin is the world's No.1 terrorist. The entire civilized world must finally embrace the simple truth: the mad maniac must be stopped before he unleashes a nuclear war. No negotiations, no deals, no fawning over Putin. Russia must be sanctioned and completely isolated, while Ukraine needs further assistance as a nation protecting the whole world from the Russian plague.

Ukraine needs maximum help in fighting the army of terrorists. We need better air defenses, which will protect the sky not only over Ukraine but also over the whole Eastern Europe. Weapons, ammunition, and medicines – Ukrainians need all this for the sake of protecting Europe.

Although air defense units shot down seven Russian cruise missiles over Dnipropetrovsk region, four of them, launched from the Caspian Sea, unfortunately, hit their targets. The attack has left people dying in ICUs with no power to feed life support devices. Russian media outlets are full of troubling reports claiming that the Russian army would soon unleash an all-out war to destroy Ukraine's critical infrastructure.

Putin's latest crime only strengthened the hatred Ukrainians already have for the Kremlin maniac, giving them even more resilience to finally defeat Russia – the murderer, killer, and terrorist who is killing women and children in hospitals and maternity wards.

In Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk and Sumy regions, power supply was promptly restored. The Kremlin dictator cannot understand his obvious weakness and opts for insidious stings delivered on the sly, as a real Russian man – petty, envious, and vengeful – would do.

Ukraine's ultimate victory is clear, which is filling Putin with rage. The hour will come when the criminal government in Russia will be held accountable for all its atrocities.

The civilized world must not negotiate with Russia – this must be only about fighting Russia and winning. Russia is already extremely weakened, which is confirmed by the shelling of Ukrainian power substations. It won’t take long until the defenses of the army of killers and terrorists will start to crumble on all fronts.

Putin is in panicking: he is unable to seal a win and is now foreseeing the defeat of his army and the subsequent collapse of the Russian Federation. He fights as a terrorist, he is ready to destroy and kill, in both Ukraine and Europe.
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